SmartFill GEN2 unit is not recording Litres accurately

1. Systems with relay pump modules (pulse input and relay / valve control).

  1. SmartFill GEN2 unit is not calibrated correctly to flow meter / dispenser. The SmartFill GEN2 unit should be calibrated with a proving measure or master flow meter.

2. Systems with a protocol(Gilbarco or NZ) comms module

  1. Protocol communications systems. . .
  2. The SmartFill GEN2 unit and the dispenser MUST both be in the same 5 or 6 digit mode. If they are set differently, the decimal point in the Litres reading may be in the wrong place. See the relevant installers documentation for 5/6 digit setup procedures.
  3. The Dispenser may be set in 5 digit mode, but still allowing a fuel delivery over 999.99 Litres. This has occurred previously on PEC dispensers, and it causes the dispenser to lose the 1000’s in the Litres, i.e. a delivery of 1354.77 Litres is recorded as 354.77. This is a dispenser issue, not a SmartFill GEN2 unit issue.

Ensure that both the SmartFill GEN2 unit and the dispenser are both set in 6 digit mode wherever possible.