SmartTag - Automatic Vehicle Identification

Revolutionize Your Fueling with SmartTag: Our fully automated and contactless system integrates the fuel nozzle with a unique RFID tag for each vehicle, streamlining fuel management. The SmartTag reads the tag and reports it to the Fuel Management System (FMS), ensuring only authorized vehicles receive fuel. Upgrade to an efficient and secure fueling process with SmartTag’s innovative technology.

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The World's Most Functional Fuel Management System

Easy Automation

The reader will automatically detect the tag attached to the vehicle and authorise fuel to be dispensed.

Prevents Fuel Theft

Detects when the nozzle is removed from the authorised vehicle, terminating the transaction to prevent fuel theft

Battery Alerts

Provides notification in advance of battery charging being required

Built for Harsh Environments

Built from a tough, durable material, SmartTag was designed with harsh conditions in mind. Ideal for mine sites, truck depots, transport hubs and marinas.

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Specifications and Support

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SmartTag Dimensions (H x W x D): 37mm X 97mm X 92mm (1.5” X 3.8” X 3.6”) Battery Life: 1 year minimum (average of 40 transactions/day, average transaction time of 5 minutes) Nozzles Supported: OPW 1” 7-HB Diesel OPW ¾” 11A Diesel Banlaw High Flow ZVA 25 Diesel ZVA Slimline AdBlue Husky X Diesel Wiggins High Flow + Many More!
Battery Temperature Range: -55 °C to 85 °C (-67°F to 185°F) Reader: Inbuilt UHF reader – EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compatible
Power Supply: 3.7V 6.4Ah Li-ion rechargeable battery. Compliant with IEC86-4 safety standards. Read Distance: 10 to 100cm (4” to 40”) depending on the orientation of SmartTag when installed
Power Consumption: Sleep mode: ~0A. Active: 10mA average Maximum Nozzles per system: 8 when used with a protocol system, but limited to 5 connecting simultaneously.
Recommended Fuel Types: Diesel, AdBlue, DEF and other non-hazardous liquids

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