How do I reset the odometer/hourmeter in SmartFill?

If a drivers has entered an incorrect odometer/hourmeter reading and now the system is saying the next value entered is too low, this can be reset in the SmartFill website.

If the odometer entry is being used for vehicles, go the vehicles page and select the link that says columns. If the entry is for a piece of plant, do the same thing on the plant page.

When this page loads you will see two lists of fields. Those on the left are displayed on the page and those are the right are not displayed. Find the odometer or hourmeter field on the right, click on it and drag it to the left. It will now be displayed on the vehicles or plant page.

Once this is done click view and the selected column(s) will be displayed with the last value that was entered next to each vehicle or piece of plant. You can click on an entry and overtype the value entered with the correct value. This value will be transferred to all units on the next update.