How do I transfer my SmartFill software to Windows 7

Both version 9.5 and 9.4 are compatible with Windows 7. Please download the latest version of the software from this website, which can be found under downloads/software. Install the software by following the prompts.

For version 9.4 you will need to install the one wire drivers for the memory key. Once the software is installed go the tools menu and you see selections to install either the 32 bit and 64 bit drivers. You will first need to determine what version of Windows you have installed. If you select the Windows icon, usually located on lower toolbar on the left hand side and right mouse click on “computer’ and select properties, this will allow you to see what system you have installed. By selecting the appropriate option from the tools menu install the required drivers. If you do not have the necessary permissions to install software on your PC, you may need to seek assistance from your IT department.

If you have a vehicles and/or drivers file on your old computer and you want to retain these files, you can move these to the new computer by taking a copy of the drivers.dat and vehicles.dat files from C:\program files\SmartFill9X and overwriting the same files in the new data directory Data files are by default installed in C:\programdata\SmartFill 9.x in Windows 7 and Vista and for Windows XP in C:\documents and settings\ All Users\Application Data\SmartFill 9.6 By default these folders are hidden.

The default directory for the fuel reports is c:\Users\Public\Fuel Reports This can be changed once the software is installed by using the set path option in the tools menu.