SmartFill unit has stopped sending dips as scheduled and tanks not showing in config anymore

If tanks are not showing most likely cause is with the sensor in the Tank, which could have short circuited and taken out the SmartDip module.

The next step would be to get someone to go to the system and check the sensors on this unit to ensure there is not any water or fuel in the tube or the cable has broken or become short circuited.


Check installation.

  • Sensor pipe must be tightly sealed to prevent any fluid coming into contact with sensor. Including rain water.
  • Wires coming from sensor to module must not be twisted which could result in shorting of signal.
  • Sensor wiring must be to position 1 & 4 on sensor as per installation manual.

o    Position 1 to + on module

o    Position 4 to – on module

Check configuration.

  • 20 point table is best. If not, internal tank dimensions must be accurate. See installation manual for setup information.
  • Are there any slopes, internal or external, that could affect calculation?
  • Density and sensor range.
    • Default density is 840 for diesel.
    • Default sensor range is 250, which is compatible for any tank up to 3 metres in height.
  • Reboot from menu with new configuration. Do not just power off. Use the admin or installer menu to restart the SmartFill. Details can be found in the operations manual.
  • key is shortcut to tank status.


  • Solid LED for each tank enabled.

If flashing or off then issue with module. Contact Fluid Management technology support for resolution.