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Our global customers enjoy the ease of fully automated fuel reports and real-time tank monitoring. Save time and resources by simplifying your fuel management and reporting processes.

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SmartFill Dashboard for fuel management reporting

Enterprise grade fuel management reporting


Master your fuel data in real time and drill down where needed or create an instant report.

Multiple Export Options

Have your report exported to PDF or CSV filetypes.

Email Schedule

Set up which reports you want to receive and have them automatically emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.


Don’t have tank gauging in your tanks? No hardware necessary, use our system to track fuel in your tanks.

Totals Reports

Easily find the total amount of fuel used by every vehicle or driver within a specific time period.

Set-up a Totals Report to be emailed with total fuel usage aggregated into simplified summaries.

Totals report for fuel usage reporting

Graphical displays

Pro Reports comes with graphical displays of important data giving you quick visual access to usage trends and tank volumes.

Smartdip tank levels reporting


The VirtualTanks feature works with existing tank gauging, providing reports with clear trend graphs so you can quickly assess your tank levels and fuel usage.

Don’t have tank gauging in your tanks?
The VirtualTanks feature will track tank levels for you by automatically debiting fills done from an associated SmartFill, adding manual deliveries and recalibrating the level when a manual dip is performed.

No hardware necessary, use our system to track fuel in your tanks.

SmartFill tank level monitoring displaying tank dips

Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile your actual tank levels against calculated levels with ease and schedule the report to be emailed to you every week or month.

SmartFill pro reports for fuel reconciliation

Consumption Reports

Use your existing odometer or hourmeter refuelling data. Automate this time-consuming task and monitor fuel consumption of your fleet on a per trip or monthly basis.

Simple filters allow you to choose which vehicles/plant are included in the report.

SmartFill consumption report for

Transaction Reports

Automate downloading your transactions using a range of export filters.

Set up which transactions you want to receive and have them automatically emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

SmartFill transactions report settings

Specifications and Support

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Included reports: – Totals Reports
– Reconciliation Reports
– Service Reports
– Transaction Reports
– Consumption Reports
– Trip Consumption Reports
Scheduled Reports:Any report can be scheduled to be emailed on a recurring basis.
Customizable Dashboard:See data at a glance for the current month, or a month of your choice.
Virtual TanksWith no hardware required, you can keep track of you tank’s current volume with the ability to add deliveries and daily manual dips to your virtual tanks and have the system subtract fuel usage recorded by transactions and inflow/outflow meters.

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