SmartFill network connection issues

1.       3G

  • Check SIM is correctly in module. The SIM holder is a simple spring-loaded slot. Just push the SIM to remove or load.
  • Check antenna is firmly affixed to module. Antenna must be firmly screwed in to connector on module.
  • Does SIM have PIN requirement removed? Place the SIM into an appropriate mobile phone and turn on to check this. You can use the phone menu to change this setting.
  • Is SIM a data SIM? Can it download a website from a phone? Check with your service provider for details on the SIM provided.
  • Install menu/9-more/2-network – Is access point correct?
  • If you change settings then reboot SmartFill to ensure that settings are kept. Menu/5-unit/3-restart.

2.       Wifi

  • Install menu/9-more/2-network – Are SSID & password correct?
  • How far away is the SmartFill from the wifi router? (More than 30m not acceptable)
  • Are there any metal obstacles between SmartFill and router? This will seriously degrade operating range.

3.       Ethernet

  • Install menu/9-more/2-network – check IP settings
  •                     i.      Dynamic? If not, what is IP & gateway?
  • Check firewall.
  • Debug menu/1-system/2-network – is server IP set?

At the unit, press and hold the key for a couple of seconds to bring up the network status.

Type = one of cellular/wifi/Ethernet/NA

Network = Not connected or connected – if not connected then check above.

Website = Not connected or connected – if not connected, usually firewall issue with Ethernet.