Nothing happens when key is presented SmartFill GEN2

  1. Ensure the SmartFill GEN2 unit is powered on.
  2. Check the area around the sensors for dirt or moisture, and clean with a soft cloth if necessary.
  3. Perform a power reset by turning the power OFF to the SmartFill GEN2 unit for 30 seconds, then on again.
  4. Check you are presenting the key in the correct area.

(a) For iButton(Dallas keys) the iButton reader is to the right of the display.

(b) For NFC fobs & cards the reader is strongest at the bottom left of the display where the wifi symbol is.

  1. Try another key, if it works, then the key may be faulty.
  2. If another key also does not work, have an electrician check the SmartFill GEN2 unit is properly powered.
  3. If the key has not been supplied by the SmartFill GEN2 unit manufacturers, it may not be compatible.
  4. If all above are OK, arrange a SmartFill GEN2 unit supplier to inspect/service your SmartFill GEN2 unit.